Advance your current career or jumpstart a new profession with flexible master’s degrees designed with you in mind!

Most courses are fully online or held on campus in the evenings, making it possible for you to work while furthering your education.

Increase your professional competency with devoted and well-respected faculty dedicated to your success—no GRE or application fee is required.



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St. 安布罗斯大学的课程



课程完全在线或在晚上在校园内举行, 使你能在继续深造的同时工作.


信贷-bearing programs are designed for you to earn college credits toward a future degree, 取得牌照, 或者满足继续教育的先决条件. You receive a grade at the end of the semester and are eligible to obtain an official academic transcript. 

Noncredit-bearing programs are designed for you to gain specialized skills to advance a career or facilitate a career change. Noncredit courses are not eligible for academic credit toward a degree program. You receive a certificate of completion issued by a professional organization at the end of the program. 课程学分以学时计算.



Applicants who are undergraduate students in the process of completing a bachelor’s degree may be awarded a provisional acceptance to 罗拉’ graduate programs based on receipt of your in-progress, 非正式成绩单和所有其他申请材料.

全部接受取决于收到最终稿, 正式成绩单和授予的本科学位.

如果一个项目有最低GPA要求, you must meet the minimum GPA at the time the undergraduate degree is conferred for full acceptance.


罗拉-owned housing is available for graduate and postbaccalaureate students in 史密斯大厅. Smyth is an alternative residence hall located in the center of campus. 史密斯酒店有单人房和三人房, 同时也是宗教研究和神学院的所在地. 设施包括:

  • 免费洗衣设施(洗衣机和烘干机)
  • 免费无线网络
  • 厨房(备有锅、平底锅、烤盘等).)在B级


  • Rooms contain a bed/dresser/desk unit, desk chair, and wastebasket
  • Beds are XL Twin sized, so students are encouraged to bring extra-long sheets
  • 学生可以带一个5立方英尺以下的迷你冰箱
  • 包括热量, 但空调不是, so students are welcome to bring their own window air conditioning unit (must be 5000 BTU or less) or else a portable A/C unit.
  • 不提供基本电缆, but students are welcome to bring a streaming device of their choice to use in Smyth.



Individuals who would like to take some graduate courses for professional development, 继续教育学分, or just personal enrichment may take up to 9 graduate credits as a non-degree “Special” student.


特殊学生不得参加实习, 临床, or internship courses without approval from the program director.


  1. 完成免费的洛拉斯学院特别课程申请. 选择“研究生课程”作为课程注册类型. You will need to upload copies of your unofficial transcript(s) from each college/university attended before submitting the application.
  2. The transcripts will be evaluated by the Program Director to ensure that any necessary pre-requisite course requirements have been met.
  3. 在审阅成绩单后, the Registrar’s Office will be in touch with information about your next steps.
    • 请注意 that enrolled degree-seeking students have registration preference if a course is full.
    •修满9个非学位学分后, a student must then apply for formal admission into the graduate program in order to move forward and take additional courses.
    • 研究生 courses completed by a Special student with a grade of B or better may be applied to a future graduate degree at 罗拉大学 with the approval of both the program director and the academic dean.
    • Students interested in any of 罗拉’ 专业发展 programs should refer to the individual program webpage for application and enrollment instructions.


A program director may require specific conditions be completed to meet the program requirements prior to full admission into a graduate program.

You may be awarded a conditional admission if the program director recommends the you complete additional undergraduate coursework to achieve a minimum GPA requirement of the program.

If you have not met all program requirements at the time of application, a student may be awarded a conditional admission per the discretion of the program director. Refer to the individual program policies and program directors for specific conditional admission policies.


You are considered a full-time graduate student when enrolled in 6 credits per term. 请注意,  you only need to take at least 3 credits per term to be eligible for federal financial aid.


研究生 students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking master’s program to be eligible to participate in NCAA athletics at 罗拉.

Student athletes enrolled in one of our degree-seeking master’s programs need to have full-time status (taking at least 6 credits per term) during the semester(s) you’re practicing or competing in the sport. You also need to be making satisfactory progress towards your degree.

If you wants to participate in athletics while being enrolled less than full-time, you will need to work with your coaches to determine if you are eligible for a waiver.

请注意 that while 6 credits per term is considered full-time for graduate students at 罗拉, you only need to take at least 3 credits per term in order to be eligible for federal financial aid.